Hydrotherapy Treatment

Hydrotherapy in Northampton

At the Haddon Physiotherapy Clinic

What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy comes from the Greek language and means “Water Healing”, it has been around for many years and was developed at The Middlesex Hospital by Mrs Duffield who was the principal of the School at the Middlesex Hospital.

Hydrotherapy involves exercising in warm water, typically heated between 34-36 degrees. The properties of warm water mean that patients can carry out exercises that they may find too difficult or may aggravate their symptoms on dry land. Buoyancy will support the weight of the body and thus reduce load on joints and structures. It can be used to both facilitate and resist movement, so exercises can be progressed and adapted as required. The heat of the pool will help stimulate circulation, relax muscles and ease joint stiffness and the hydrostatic pressure of water will help support the body and reduce swelling.

Hydrotherapy Treatments

All sessions are 1:1 and last approximately 30 minutes. Before entering the pool you will have an initial dry land assessment. Any restrictions, precautions or contraindications will be discussed as it is not suitable treatment for all patients. Entry into the pool is via the steps or lift. Towels will need to be provided and we have disabled facilities if necessary.

After a hydrotherapy session it is recommended that you sit quietly for 20 minutes with a drink to allow your body time to adjust to the temperature of the pool. The first session is best to be accompanied if possible as you may feel very tired following the treatment.

Therapeutic effects of exercises in water include:

  • Relief of pain and muscle spasm
  • Relaxation
  • Maintaining or increasing the range of movements in joints
  • Muscle strengthening and increased endurance
  • Increasing circulation

Hydrotherapy may be beneficial for many conditions including:

  • Back pain and Neck pain
  • All Shoulder and joint problems
  • Arthritis- Rheumatoid and Ankylosing spondylitis
  • Orthopaedic Surgery- lower and upper limbs Total Hip replacements and Knee Replacements
  • Fractures- re-education of gait and strengthen muscles that are not allowed to weigh bear
  • Reduced fitness and balance

Julie And Sue have both many years of experience in working in hydrotherapy pools and Julie has taught this treatment to undergraduates in the past.


For appointments please telephone the main office: Witty Pask and Buckingham on 01604 601641 where reception staff can access all diaries for both Moulton and Billing Road, or use our online booking facility.

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