Rehabilitation treatment and advice

When a joint or limb is injured following an accident or trauma it needs to be rehabilitated back to normal function. Physiotherapy techniques can be used to rehabilitate a joint or limb which has been operated on by an othapaedic consultant. Patients attend for rehabilitation eiher pre-operatively to prepare them for the surgery or post-operatively after they have undergone the procedure to return their joint back to normal.

Orthopedic procedures

Following Orthopaedic procedures Physiotherapy will be given to increase the range of movement in the joint, strengthen the muscles around the joint and enable you to walk again. For example: hip and knee replacements, foot surgery (eg bunions), wrist, elbow, ankle and shoulder surgery (decompression), back and neck surgery (fusion or disc surgery).


We will restore normal range of movement following any fractures that you may have had and after immobilisation in plaster of paris or a splint. Common fractures are: hip (neck of femur), shoulder, collarbone, elbow, colles fracture (wrist), potts fracture (ankle).

Arthritic conditions

Symptoms of pain, swelling and stiffness in any joint may be as a result of arthritis developing in in the joint. For example, OA, and rheumatoid arthritis. Advice on how to manage joints including self help programs for all arthritic diseases which you may have seen your GP or rheumatologist for.


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