Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Injuries Treatment

Sports Injuries

Sports and soft tissue injuries assessed and treated by professional physiotherapists at the Chris Moody Centre in Northampton.

All sports injuries can be assessed and treated by our physiotherapists. We will assess the joint or structures that have been injured and devise a program to restore you back to full function so you are able to compete or return to your sport.

The types of sports injuries we specialise in are: cartilidge injuries, sprained ankles, throwing injuries, shoulder injuries, achilles tendon injuries, ligament injuries of the knee joint, tennis elbow, muscle injuries, torn muscles, repetitive strain injury, back and neck injuries, hip bursitis and groin pain, hand and foot injuries.

All injuries in the following sports can be treated:

Tennis, golf, hockey, cricket, rugby, football, basketball, volleyball, dancing, horse riding, climbing, skiing and more.


For appointments please telephone the main office: Witty Pask and Buckingham on 01604 601641 where reception staff can access all diaries for both Moulton and Billing Road, or use our online booking facility.